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Pedro Goffe is a musician/songwriter and artist. He comes from a musical family, his father was an excellent amateur Opera singer and his grandmother had a Conservatory music degree in piano, in the 1930s - one of the very first women in the country to achieve such accolade.  

Pedro has not had a traditional academic path in guitar but rather more of a "school of life" route. His background in songwriting is essentially self-taught and is reflected in his past musical projects as well as current works. These were so far mostly in Lisbon, Portugal. Currently he works on the creation of World Music styles entitled, Acoustic Instrumentals for Auditorium. Lives in England and enjoys teaching. All music, lyrics and CD sleeve/cover art work by the author.



This site showcases a range of personal artistic works from the named author. Old recorded material does not have the high-quality of commercial CDs. However, all attempts were made to ensure acceptable standards while preserving much of the original recordings.

New albums have been recorded to a good standard.


Anthony Bourdain visits Lisbon’s best kept secrets; the sublime food, the good wine, tastes the great sea food and the underworld of cuisine and culture best served from a bohemian’s art basket of Europe’s westerns’s corner - Portugal.

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